SPRING 2018 “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind” Romans 12:2 VOLUME 52
“I said “Yes”, knowing God would now be involved!”
My phone rang in the early morning and a dear friend sounding chipper and somewhat confident ask me to attend a meeting about the Homeward Bound Program at Sumner County Jail. My response was quick, “ I appreciate you thinking of me, but really I just don’t feel called to that particular area of ministry. My plate is full and I am committed to not being over committed.” His response was simply, “Well ok, but you would be great doing this. Would you pray about it?” I so wanted to say “no”, I won’t pray I’ve made up my mind! But I said, “Yes”, knowing God would now be involved! Then a week later I received a call from the chaplain who I had never met before. He had spoken with my friend and seemed to think FreshStart would be a good fit with Homeward Bound. I, of course, was very courteous and thanked him for the call, with no commitment. Naturally, I couldn’t quit thinking about the opportunity to minister the hope of Christ to those desperately in need of it. As I prayed all I could hear was “Just do it!” What? Are you kidding Lord, when am I going to work this into my schedule? Once again I heard, “Just do it!”
One thing I have learned (the hard way) over the years is that obedience to the Lord is vital, even when it makes you uncomfortable. A simple “Ok Lord” and a phone call began a journey that continues today, 3 years later. I remember the first day I walked into the jail. It was weird and uncomfortable, a little scary and definitely oppressive. Heavy locked doors, uniforms, tile floors, lots of tile floors and everything beige. Not many smiles and as I forged on to our classroom I realized, of course, Jesus is here! No wonder He said, “I was in prison and you came to visit me.” (Matt 25:36) Prisoners are in great need of Jesus because their hope has been trounced by sin. As I settled into the small make shift classroom there was a loud buzz and then a heavy metal door opened and 7 women were walking toward me. Their faces looked confused, angry, wounded, tired, and beautiful to me. I wanted to grab each one and give them a huge bear hug but we had been told we were not to touch the prisoners. So I prayed, Lord let them know they are beautiful to me and He did.
Last month began our 4th year at Sumner County Jail. We are now more involved and we have no idea how our involvement may grow. What we know is what Jesus in doing. He is restoring lives, He is saving souls, He is healing families and infusing His infectious love into the women that we teach and the women who serve them. I am grateful for all the volunteers that the Lord has brought to participate in the Homeward Bound Program. I know each of them has their own story of how Jesus moved them to “ visit the prisoners”. What a joy to see the body of Christ working together in unity….a little glimpse of heaven!
Volunteers Needed!
If you would like to find out more about volunteering in the Women’s Homeward Bound Program please call our office as soon as possible. There are 2 trainings coming up to serve in the next class which begins in August. 615-822-677

Ministry Highlight Better Known As A God Sighting!…..

While doing a sexual abuse recovery session with a woman using the workbook, “The Wounded Heart”, her response to a question moved me to tears. With her permission I share her answer to the question, “What would you like to say to God right now after identifying some of your symptoms of sexual abuse?” Answer: “I feel strongly a deliverance is coming to me through this book, one of Your tools for healing the wounded heart of (her name), Your beautiful daughter. My feelings of closeness to you God are deepening to a love not experienced by me before. Please free my soul to love me and others dear Lord.”

Our God heals our broken hearts and lives!

Spring Fundraiser…..
Many of you may know that in the month of February, we lost 2 children in our family, our beautiful 5 month old great granddaughter, Ava Capri and our 17 yr. old nephew, Michael. While we are back to work and resting in Christ every moment we have decided to wait until October to have another fundraising event. The expenses of FreshStart continue and we simply ask that you would consider making a donation to help us maintain our facility and staff in the months ahead by returning your gift in the enclosed envelope. We are working at full capacity and plan to continue on until mid June when we will take vacation time. Please be in prayer as we prepare for upcoming fall classes and programs.

The following churches support our mission and are listed alphabetically: Calvary Chapel at Long Hollow, Community Church of Hendersonville, Gateway Christian Center and Indian Lake Peninsula Church. We are grateful for their support and partnership in advancing God’s kingdom in our community.


Soon you will see a “For Sale” sign in front of our building. It’s been with a lot of prayer and wise counsel that we have decided to put our beautiful rock cottage on the market. Built in the 30’s it is quaint and cozy! It is also beginning to be an expensive endeavor! As you can imagine, a building this age requires more than newer buildings in maintenance as well as needs to make it more efficient. We want to be good stewards of our resources as well as our time, so it is with this in mind we decided to put the building on the market. FreshStart will continue to provide ministry as it is now. We are actually expanding several programs in the fall.
I do not know where the Lord is going to move us but I believe we will be moving. We have always been committed to offering an environment that is warm and welcoming, and I can assure you no matter where we go that will continue! Please keep us in your prayers during this transition time. I will keep you updated on our progress!


• An outpouring of the Holy Spirit as we minister.
• Individuals, couples and families who come for ministry.
• More volunteers to serve in various programs.
• Good health for our staff
• Financial resources
• Godly wisdom for future programs/needs

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We are always in need of financial support. Please return your tax deductible gift in the enclosed envelope or make us a regular part of your giving through your online banking service. We issue tax receipts at the end of each year for your donations. God bless you and thank you for your prayers and support!
Donations can be securely made at our website or you can send your check to FreshStart Resources,
129 Walton Ferry Rd., Hendersonville,TN 37075

“The Lord is my strength and my shield, my heart trust in Him, and He helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise Him.” Psalm 28:7


Wayne and Gidget Stewart