It’s hard to believe it has been 28 years since we rented that first space in the Nelson Building on Gallatin Road and began a God Adventure that has been the most wonderful of adventures! And, it’s not over yet! This month we travel down a new road as we sold the building that has been home to FreshStart for the last 21 years and move to the building pictured below. As you can imagine, this is somewhat bittersweet as we love our welcoming rock cottage that holds so many sweet memories. God is so faithful and quite honestly when Wayne and I spent a significant time in prayer 18 months ago about planning ahead I did not expect to hear, “sell the building”. But we immediately kicked into obey mode and started getting the building ready to sell. We had a new roof put on and resided the back dormer and it looked wonderful. That’s when I began thinking, “Hmmm, I love it here Lord, maybe it wasn’t You that said put the building on the market.” So, in the name of “I didn’t hear it right” we didn’t put the house on the market that spring as planned. It was a challenging year and come January I was sure I had disobeyed the Lord and it was time to come in line with His plan! So, in March we called our dear friend, Ann Buchanan and had her come out and tell us what we needed to do to get going on listing the house. Within a month we were ready to go and so in May we listed it.

Friends, I would love to tell you I was all in and ready to sell, but I wasn’t. I was comfortable and constantly fed on comments from others like, “why would you sell this place, it’s so cute and welcoming?” I wanted to add to their comments how much I hate moving! But, inside I knew God had a plan and I had better stick with it this time. He doesn’t tell us His plan, He simply says He has one and we are to trust Him every minute with everything! So, even though I will learn that lesson over and over I am getting a little better at trusting Him, even when it doesn’t make sense or I can’t explain it to folks. It’s so funny I kept saying to people, “well, you know it’s an old building and it’s time to move on”, because when you say, “God told us to or lead us to”, people’s eyebrows go up and they get that “yeah, sure” look. Well friends, raise your eyebrows because the main reason we sold the building was because we believe God said to sell it!

Many have asked if FreshStart was continuing. The answer is a resounding yes! We will continue to minister as we always have but in a new location. We are so blessed with generous friends like Dr. Brandon Hodge, who has offered us space in his beautiful office building near Monthaven Mansion, at 1020 Antebellum Circle, Hendersonville.

Our phone number, email address and website remain the same. Our in- office hours are changing a little but we will let you know that when you call. Individual sessions will continue on Wed and Thurs afternoons and classes on Mon and Tues evenings. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us. We are excited about this new part of our adventure and look forward to sharing it with you!

We need help with packing and moving. If you are available to pack boxes Tues-Fri, Sept 11-14th please call Wayne at 615-822-6772 as soon as possible. If you can help move heavy objects on Friday afternoon the 13th or Saturday morning at 9AM the 14th please call Wayne. We need as much help as possible. We will also be moving the remainder of what’s left Saturday the 22nd at 9AM. If you can help at any of these times or if you can come pack at other times please call us. We need your help!