What we do

Bible Based Programs

All programs at FreshStart Resources are presented from a biblical foundation. Individual and group ministry provides curriculum that is Christ-centered and biblical. FreshStart is known for our groups dealing with overcoming codependency, anxiety, and developing Christ centered self confidence. Call our office to find out what groups are available and how to participate.

Why Biblical Counseling?

God has all the answers for life! When I’m talking with people they are sometimes surprised that the insights and answers they receive in a counseling session come from the Bible. When I hear, Wasn’t that book written for ancient times? I am reminded of two things. First, the character of man hasn’t changed over the ages.  And second, the character of God hasn’t changed either!  Of course, we modern people often believe we are different…smarter and more aware. After all, we have the internet and we have probes in outer space!. Some people think since we have all that intelligence that we would have less problems, but that is not the case. I believe that as long as we are walking on earth, we will have the same old problems of pride and greed that was present in ancient man.

Think of the Bible as a manufacturer’s manual. God created us and He wrote a manual about what we need to keep operating properly. It is also an amazing manual about God, sort of an autobiography. God’s story, written by Him so we could understand Him. Of course, He seems to leave some of the juicy parts out..like where did He  come from anyway? But everything you want to know about His character, His likes and dislikes and generally how to enjoy life with Him and others is all there. I challenge you to see for yourself. This incredible book of wisdom and hope inspires a life of love and peace with God and others.

At FreshStart the Bible is the primary source of direction used in counseling. We do not preach, we simply give insight from God’s Word that has worked for millenniums to help people live life to the full.